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Migration and Education in a Multicultural World
Rs. 10,040.00
Peace Education in Conflict and Post-conflict Societies
Rs. 13,470.00
Transitions from Education to Work
Rs. 12,800.00
The Changing Face of Academic Life
Rs. 13,400.00
Teaching the Rhetoric of Resistance
Rs. 9,900.00
Global Perspectives on Adult Education
Rs. 15,700.00
Inventing the Modern Self and John Dewey
Rs. 4,370.00
The Evolution of American Women s Studies
Rs. 10,000.00
Nontraditional Students and Community Colleges
Rs. 6,990.00
The Politics of Abortion
Rs. 4,150.00
Lengthened Shadows
Rs. 4,220.00
The Cost of Choice
Rs. 3,800.00
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