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E-Trends (Making Sense Of The Electronic Communications Revoluti
Rs. 1,740.00
Economics (Making Sense Of The Modern Economy)
Rs. 1,740.00
Guide To Economic Indicators, Sixth Edition (Making Sense Of Eco
Rs. 10,000.00
Guide To Business Planning 2nd/ed
Rs. 5,650.00
Business Strategy: A Guide To Taking Your Business Forward
Rs. 1,740.00
Successful Strategy Execution (How To Keep Your Business Goals O
Rs. 1,500.00
Guide To Organisation Design (Creating High-performing And Adapt
Rs. 1,800.00
Headhunters And How To Use Them (A Guide For Organisations And I
Rs. 1,450.00
Business Consulting (A Guide To How It Works And How To Make It
Rs. 1,740.00
Business Ethics (Facing Up To The Issues)
Rs. 1,285.00
Guide To Management Ideas And Gurus
Rs. 1,675.00
Managing Complexity (How Businesses Can Adapt And Prosper In The
Rs. 1,740.00
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