Reference, Encyclopedias

Reference, Encyclopedias

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Guinness World Records 2013
Rs. 5,000.00
SOAP! Writting and Surviving TelivisionC
Rs. 1,665.00
The Upside Down Book Of Nuclear Power
Rs. 1,475.00
Viva-Facts on File: Pioneers in Science, 8 Volume Set
Rs. 16,160.00
Twentieth-Century Science, 7 Volume Set
Rs. 31,800.00
Encyclopedia of Notable Scientists, 8 Volume Set
Rs. 27,150.00
The New Chemistry, 6 Volume Set
Rs. 19,300.00
Essentials of Forensic Science, 7 Volume Set
Rs. 28,700.00
Viva-Facts on File: Encyclopedia of Exploration (2 Volset)
Rs. 16,150.00
Encyclopedia of Society & Culture in the Ancient World, 4 Volume
Rs. 25,570.00
Encyclopedia of the Modern World, 3 Volume Set (1900 to the Pres
Rs. 17,900.00
Biographical Dictionary of Modern World Leaders, 2 Volume Set
Rs. 9,890.00
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